She was abused, humiliated, and molested… She got pregnant when she was barely 13 years old! You won’t guess, who she is now!

In 1954, Mississippi, an African-American girl was born. Her mom abandoned her shortly after birth, and her grandmother took care of her. They lived in extreme poverty. They couldn’t even afford clothing. The little girl even wore clothes made from potato bags. Because of this, she was frequently made fun of by her peers. Her grandma treated her awfully. She was regularly abused. She had to break the tree branches off that were later used to give her a painful punishment.

When she was 6, her mother temporarily took care of her. The woman prefered her younger sister  and didn’t let the little girl sleep in her house. She laid like a dog on the doormat…

The real nightmare came when she was 9 years old. Her uncle, cousin and family friend brutally raped her. From that time on, it started happening on a regular basis… She asked for help, but no one beleived her.



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