You’ll be amazed with what’ll happen to your body after you eat 3 pieces. It’s really worth a try!

Both dried and raw, they are a valuable source of energy and a treasure trove of potassium and glycogen. We’re talking about dactyls, which are not only a sweet snack, but also a rich source of many vitamins and macronutrients.

Just eat 3 pieces per day for positive benefits to show up in the body. It has been proven that they prevent arteriosclerosis, constipation and help mitigate the effects of menopause. Check out what other properties there are and why you should eat them.


1. They protect against atherosclerosis and blood clots

Scientists from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa have proven that they protect against the accumulation of cholesterol deposits in blood vessels. Thus, they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction or coronary artery disease.


2. They assist in maintaining normal blood pressure

The therein potassium in them protects against hypertension. In 0.2 lb (100 g) of dates there is up to 0.002 oz (62 mg )of this mineral.


3. They support the nervous system

They are rich in B vitamins which support the proper function of the nervous system. In addition, they contain taurine, which is an anti-depressant and is a good sleeping pill.