After reading this, you’ll never put toilet paper on a toilet seat again! It’s not worth it!

Almost all over the world, people tend to cover toilet seats with toilet paper. They think that it’s more hygienic and thus protects against dangerous bacteria and viruses located on the seat’s surface.

Specialists have found that it is effective as long as you bring your own paper or cover the seat with tissues. Using the toilet paper found in public restrooms is no good! Even the thickest layer won’t protect against germs, so it’s not even worth wasting it!


It turns out that dangerous bacteria and viruses are almost everywhere – on the faucet, sink, doorknob or hand dryer. There are also a lot on the toilet paper dispenser, which is where the paper itself is placed. When the toilet gets flushed, a cloud of germs is thrown up into the air and settles on everything in the near vicinity. Most microorganisms stick to the objects closest to the toilet, usually being the toilet paper which is hanging just next to it.


Covering the seat is therefore meaningless and in no way protects against bacteria. It will only give you no more than psychological comfort. If you want to minimize the risk of being infected with a dangerous disease, thoroughly wash your hands after going to the bathroom!