You’ve been making a ponytail wrong your whole life! Here’s a simple trick that will change everything!

It would seem that the popular pony is one of the easiest hairstyles in the world, but nothing could be further from the truth. To present it nicely and keep it from becoming flat, you should use a simple trick which we’ll show you today.

Most of us pay little attention to this hairdo. Having a comb and hair band are enough to make a ponytail in a few seconds. However, it doesn’t always look good. If we have thin hair, the ponytail is too slim and flat, which isn’t what it should look like. We want it to be presented perfectly and induce a WOW effect!


To achieve this, a few seconds aren’t enough. More work has to be put into a ponytail. Although it will take 5-7 minutes, the result is really worth the time. You’ll need two decent hair bands, a bobby pin and hair barrette.

First you have to split your hair into two parts. Tie the lower part with a hair band and the upper with a bobby pin. Fasten a hair barrette to the center to increase hair volume.

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