You’ve probably always thrown it out into the trash, but did you know that it’s the most valuable part of the fruit? From now on, you’ll never do it again!

The avocado is a very healthy fruit containing abundant amounts of potassium, lutein, lycopene and vitamins E, C and A. It has been shown that not only does the pulp have valuable nutrients, but even more valuable substances are located in the seed!

Truth be told, this would probably be the last thing one would like to try. It is huge, hard and in no way appealing to try, but it is a very valuable part that absolutely cannot be thrown away. You can grate it or crush it with a hammer and then chop more finely in a blender. Add the powdered seed to smoothies or sprinkle it on top of food. One teaspoon eaten daily is enough. Before beginning to turn the seed into powder, make sure it’s dry!


1. Aching joints

The seeds contain catechins and procyanidins, which reduce inflammation and swelling.


2. They delay the aging process

They are a source of antioxidants. They help repair damaged cells and help with the formation of collagen.


3. Improved bowel function

The seeds contain a lot of soluble fiber, which has a positive effect on the digestive system.