These Pictures May Seem Fake. The Truth Will Surprise You!

Water skiing on the shark down the stream of lava during aliens fighting? Click and it’s ready. Photos editing is now a common practice. But what about those pictures below?

Someone was just in the right place at the right time, he did an amazing photographs, the authenticity of which is hard to believe.

A rainbow laser imitates Nyan Cat.


It would be a terrible element of digital art, but this is a great photo.

The red object in the black-and-white photograph became a shoddy Photoshop picture.  This image is not one of them. This hibiscus bloomed when everything was covered with ash after a volcanic eruption in Indonesia.


The colours of gray

Just like the hibiscus, this picture was taken after the eruption of the Japanese volcano Mt. Ontake in September 2014 where 50 people were killed and many stuck under rocks and ashes. In the photo you can see the rescuers who came to the disaster zone.


And at the end of the rainbow, you will find … the SUV.

Probably more useful than a pot of gold.


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