A tourist found a dying pit bull on the side of the road. Four hours later she discovered the shocking truth…

Andi Davis was wandering the mountain trails in a Phoenix reservation alone, when suddenly she was stopped by a unusual and shocking sight. By the side of the road was laying still a exhausted pit bull, which was really a sad sight.

The woman couldn’t leave the animal alone by itself – she gave him some water, and then after judging his condition, took the 50 pound dog in her hands and went back down, to her waiting husband and daughter.


Even though Andi loved dogs, her decision didn’t come easy, since she had a bad past experience with pit bulls. The representative of the breed once attacked her German Shepard during a walk. Adni knew however, that if she doesn’t help the animal – she would doom it for certain death. The trail down, which normally takes about 30 minutes, took her around 2 hours and she was completely stressed out – not only because of the difficult journey, but also because of the unpredictability of the animal, which she has met for the first time ever.

After reaching her destination, the woman and her family took the animal to the Phoenix Human Society. The dog made a special tie of understanding with her daughter, Jessica. In the animal care centre they made a shocking discovery. The dog was shot! The bullet damaged the bone lose to the carotid artery and the probability of removing it without damaging the health and wellbeing of the animal wasn’t high. Also there was the possibility that the animal could loose its leg during the operation…

Yet the married couple decided to fight for the life of the adopted pupil and left it under the care of the doctor. After a few days they returned to the clinic to see how their new friend is doing, and – if his condition allowed it – take him home. It turned out that the animal has a lot of will to live left in him. Not only was the operation a success, but the dog was a fountain of energy.



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