Zuly was born without arms and legs, but she didn’t give up, and today inspires others, proving that everyone can be happy

Health is man’s most valuable gift, because it determines his entire existence. Unfortunately, some people are born with serious diseases or deformities that prevent them from living a normal life.

Many congenital diseases are rare genetic disorders, so the birth of a sick child is a big surprise for the parents. Zuly Sanguino’s mother, who comes from Bogota in Colombia, was also shocked when she learned that her daughter had Tetra-Amelia syndrome. This is a set of birth defects resulting in undeveloped limbs, as a result of which the child is born without arms and legs (in some cases only deformed feet or hands hang out of the child’s torso).


Zuly has no hands and legs, only one deformed foot, but is doing well. She’s very independent, and approaches life with an optimistic attitude. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been like that, because she was once taunted by the people around her and was exposed to ridicule. No acceptance on the part of society led her to the decision of making a suicide attempt. Fortunately, the girl was saved by her guardian angel, her mother.

Zuly hasn’t always been happy, but has acknowledged her fate.

Despite the many problems with both her physical and mental health, Zuly decided to fight for a better life for herself. She persistently practiced all the basic activities and today can easily e.g. put make-up on before going out or eat without any assistance. In all that she can’t manage to do by herself, her brave mother and caring boyfriend come to the rescue.

The girl is a great example of willpower.

Zuly also has a great talent, which she has been developing for years. The girl paints beautiful pictures with her lips, which she later sells to earn money for a living. In addition to fulfilling her artistic passion and selling her paintings, Zuly also works as a motivational speaker. She conducts meetings in workplaces, schools, prisons, meets with veterans and teaches the audience that it’s worthwhile to believe in a better tomorrow and fight for your happiness.

The fact that she has no limbs didn’t pose a problem for her to paint these stunning images.

Zuly’s story is probably the most effective motivation to appreciate your health and physical wellbeing.